We are offering TWO different leagues this season. One league will be our traditional “Competitive” version of the league where we rotate games every week. This year we are ditching best ball. We will continue on with Alternate Shot, Match Play, Schamble and Scramble. A handicap is heavily required for this league and the max handicap given out will be 12 strokes on 9 holes.

The NEW league this year is a straight scramble league. No handicaps, just out playing a scramble each week with your partner. We will keep a running total of your scores throughout the year. To encourage attendacne we will reward attanced with a “bonus” stroke of sorts. The more you show up the more bonus points you will get. No show, no points.

Both leagues will include proximity oppurtunities weekly, a different match-up every week. Every week you participate your name gets entered into the end of the year drawing for a golf package.  Each league will alternate between front and back nine each week.