Entries must be in by Wednesday before Major.

*The Masters-April 10th          *PGA Championship-May 15th                *U.S Open-June 12th              *The Open July 17th   

If there is a tie, we will go to the 4th golfer. Whoever placed better will determine the winner. If there is still a tie we will split weekly winnings. If at the end of the season there is a tie we will have a putting contest on August 22nd, the day of the golf tournament and Calcutta. Payouts will be determined once the number of entrants is finalized.

PlaceNamePGAMastersTotal Points
1Tom Junker361652
2Barry Nelson255075
3Rob Schmidt532578
4Roger Sorben473279
5Warren Bays662591
6Don Fields544094
7Terry Thompson395695
8Nathan Schultz6539104
9Bill Stein9121112
10Erik Christenson6550115
11Mikael Christenson6550115
12Rod Ogard4175116
13Pat Kadlec2691117
14Aaron Johnson7840118
15Tom Perpich7747124
16Louie Clemenson6956125
17Brad Hanes5871129
18Pat Holder6170131
19Rod Christy6566131
20Ken Wischmann7954133
21Nick Healy9143134
22Craig Henningson8847135
23Dave Karr7857135
24Casey Kannel7462136
25Bruce Bogema9250142
26Joe Mangini12029149
27John Christenson45104149
28Adam Siemers 11635151
29Steve Wilkowski9160151
30Walt Lager9855153
31John Middelton11539154
32Roger Johnson9269161
33Jim Christenson13529164
34Frank Bonsante14721168
35Tom Bedard10960169
36Pete Vukelich15124175
37Jim Barutt12059179
38Dean Sodahl65119184
39Dale Lundgren14756203
40Ron Meyer14855203
41Bobby Erwin14466210
42Mark Westad15562217
43Rich Fannemell16270232
44Pat Smith110123233
45Curt Bordwell20242244
46Mike Patterson15589244