Entries must be in by Wednesday before Major.

*The Masters-April 10th          *PGA Championship-May 15th                *U.S Open-June 12th              *The Open July 17th   

If there is a tie, we will go to the 4th golfer. Whoever placed better will determine the winner. If there is still a tie we will split weekly winnings. If at the end of the season there is a tie we will have a putting contest on August 22nd, the day of the golf tournament and Calcutta. Payouts will be determined once the number of entrants is finalized.

NameThe MastersPosition PointsTotal PointsPD
Tom JunkerKoepka, Rahm, Matsuyama, Simpson2,9, 32 ,516
Frank BonsanteDustin Johnson, Woods, Scott, Matsuyama2,1,18, 3221PAID
Bill SteinDustin Johnson, Woods, Garcia, Mickelson 2,1, 66 ,1821
Pete VukelichDustin Johnson, Woods, S.W Kim, Hoffman2,1.21, 2924
Rob SchmidtKoepka, Molinari, Kinser, Scott2,5, 21 ,1825PAID
Warren BaysDustin Johnson, Jason Day, Zach Johnson, Mickelson2,5, 58 ,1825
Jim ChristensonDustin Johnson, Rahm, Scott, Matsuyama2,9,18, 3229
Joe ManginiDustin Johnson, Fowler, Scott, Garcia2,9,18, 6629
Roger SorbenDustin Johnson, Fowler, Woodland, Kinser2,9, 32 ,2132
Adam Siemers McIlroy, Molinari, Cantlay, Li Haotong 21,5,9, 4335
Nathan SchultzDustin Johnson, Wood, Garcia, Stenson2,1, 66 ,3639PAID
John MiddeltonThomas, Rahm, Stenson, Mickelson12,9, 36 ,1839
Don FieldsMcIlroy, Woods, Mickelson, Kinser21 ,1,18,2140
Aaron JohnsonMcIlroy, Woods, Mickelson, Langer21,1,18, 6240
Curt BordwellThomas, Woods, Holmes, Hoffman12,1, 62 ,2942
Nick HealyDustin Johnson,Rahm, Woodland, Horschell 2,9,32, 5643
Craig HenningsonDustin Johnson, Rahm, Walker, Cameron Smith2,9,36, 5147
Tom PerpichMcIlroy, Molinari, Kinser, Garcia21,5,21, 6647PAID
Mikael ChristensonThomas, Fowler, Hoffman, Woodland12,9,29, 3250
Erik ChristensonThomas, Fowler, Hoffman, Stenson12,9,29, 3650PAID
Bruce BogemaThomas, Fowler, Na, Hoffman12,9 ,46 ,2950
Barry NelsonDustin Johnson, Kuchar, Snedeker, Stenson2,12, 73 ,3650PAID
Ken WischmannMcIlroy, Kuchar, S.W Kim, Hoffman21,12,21, 2954PAID
Ron MeyerRose, Molinari, Scott, Matsuyama66 ,5,18,3255
Terry ThompsonDustin Johnson, Reed, Willett, Scott2,36, 66 ,1856
Louie ClemensonDustin Johnson, Fleetwood, Mickelson, Garcia2,36,18, 6656PAID
Dale LundgrenKoepka, Fleetwood, Mickelson, Snedker2,36,18, 7356PAID
Dave KarrRose, Rahm, Simpson, Bradley66 ,9,5,4357
Jim BaruttMcIlroy, Fowler, Garcia, Hoffman21,9, 66, 2959
Tom BedardMcIlroy, Spieth, Scott, Cabrera-Bello21,21,18, 3660
Steve WilkowskiMcIlroy, Spieth, Garcia, Mickelson21,22 ,66, 1861
Casey KannelMcIlroy, Fowler, Stenson, Matsuyama21,9, 36 ,3262
Mark WestadThomas, Spieth, Stenson, Hoffman12,21, 36 ,2962
Walt LagerRose, Day, Mickelson, Woodland66 ,5,18,3265
Rod ChristyThomas, Fleetwood, Bradley, Scott12,36, 43 ,1866
Bobby ErwinKoepka, Casey, Kinser, Mitchell2, 82 ,21,4366PAID
Roger JohnsonDustin Johnson, Fowler, Zach Johnson, Couples2,9,58, 7369PAID
Rich FannemellThomas, Kuchar, Na, Kaymer12,12,46, 5170
Pat HolderRose, Fowler, Hoffman, Howell66 ,9,29,3270
Brad HanesMcIlroy, Reed, Mickelson, Matsuyama21, 36 ,18,3271PAID
Rod OgardMcIlroy, Fleetwood, Mickelson, Holmes21,36,18, 6275
Mike PattersonDustin Johnson, DeChambeau, Zach Johnson, Garcia2,29,58, 6689
Pat KadlecMcIlroy, Kuchar, Zach Johnson, Snedeker21,12,58, 7391PAID
John ChristensonRose, Fowler, Hoffman, Snedeker66,9,29, 73104
Dean SodahlRose, Casey, Matsuyama, Kinser66, 82 ,32,21119
Pat SmithMcIlroy, Casey, Stenson, Garcia21, 82 ,36,66123PAID