Below are registration forms/flyers for 2020 tournaments open to the public that we are hosting. 

If you have any questions please email 

Grand Casino Special Olympics, June 11

JaQues Art Center, June 12

Ladies Invitational, September 2


Tournament/Event Schedule 2020
Vern Wehage ClassicFriday, June 19th*
One Person ScrambleSunday, June 28th*
Jaques Art CenterFriday, July 17th*
Ranger ClassicFriday, August 7th
Deerwood OpenFriday, August 14th*
Club ChampionshipAugust 21st-23rd
Ladies Invitational Wednesday, September 2nd*
Driving for HospiceThursday, September 3rd*
CheddarSaturday, September 5th
Deerwood TechnologiesFriday, September 11th*
One Person ScrambleSaturday, September 19th*
Two Person ScrambleSaturday, October 10th*
* Denotes tournament/event open to the public.